Her Degradation 

She looked up at him somewhat startled as her panic took hold, he had to be joking. He knew she was shy and had promised to take things easy. He repeated his command,

“Play with your cunt, whore.”

Please no, he couldn’t be serious, the web cam glared from over his shoulder. No! Taking a deep breath, she looked him straight in the eyes, her chest throbbed as she prepared to say no, and explain her nerves. She didn’t have to, he knew what she was thinking. His hand snapped across her cheek, leaving a sting, his mark. Lowering her eyes she moved her hand down, down a little more, until she was, as ordered, playing with her cunt.

He smiled, gave a curt satisfied nod, then watched as she began to forget the camera, the sting of his mark, forget she had just been forced to strip for a chat room, full of strangers.

Closing her eyes she drifted, letting her mind dream as her fingers toyed with her clit.

For months her thoughts had been filled with dreams of him and last nights her adventure had begun.

He had been such a gentleman at dinner… That is up until the main course. By desert the tone of his voice had begun to change, and he truly looked at her for the first time with those wicked blue eyes. With the air of someone asking the time, he enquired,

“Are you wearing panties, slut?”

Stunned her eyes had flicked up from her desert, he was being totally serious. 

“No Sir”

Leaning in, he whispered, much louder than she thought necessary, “You’re mine now, whore.” and he laughed before summoning for the bill. The waitress came running over, continuing to flirt as she had done all night, noticing his girl’s downcast eyes and red face, and smiling. She would tell her co-worker who was watching a few paces within earshot, 

“Dumped her, definitely, SO obvious.”

Arriving at his home, having walked through the entrance first, she was blindfolded from behind.  He had pull the fabric tight across her eyes and she whimpered, not having had a chance to look around, to get her bearings, she was now truly blind. Within seconds his rough hands gripped her and began stripping her naked, that roughness in his voice commanded, 


Her body obeyed, her mind hadn’t even registered the command, she was on her knees, thighs wide, back held straight, just like she knew he wanted.


Crossing them in front of her, she felt a length of rope being laced around and with a small tug her wrists bound, followed by the single command,


She rose, dragged for a few clumsy steps until her arms were raised above her head, gathered, secured somehow to the ceiling. Then silence…

She strained to listen, on and on not a word was said or noise made…was that a foot moving? Or just her imagination. Finally he began to speak, as though going through a checklist he was talking to himself.

“Legs, fine. Arms, fine. Ass, good…”

As he circled her so it went on, then the silence again. Begging for his attention and unsure of whether she was permitted to speak, she let out a soft moan for acknowledgement, for anything.

Her first lesson, to be careful what she wished for, the sound of leather through air barely registered as  he struck her, straight across the ass. She screamed, the shock and pain mingled in her cry. Naturally she stiffened, awaiting the next blow, but nothing, it didn’t come. She waited, tensed, expecting to be hit as soon as she relaxed, but no, he kept her waiting. Until, THWACK, she bit her lip, as the sharp stinging blow hit her tender cheeks for a second time. A welt formed crossing the first. She was all too aware that she had not been given permission to scream, still, a muffled cry escaped, and she felt tears welling up, never getting a chance to fall, simply being absorbed into the blindfold. On and on the whipping went, He never had a rhythm, He kept surprising her, and many times more she screamed out, begging him to stop…what had she done? Had she insulted him?

Eventually he stopped. She felt a cooling hand on her burning cheeks, touching the heat of her pain and then a whisper in her ear, his cool breath on her neck making hairs stand up, and juices flow as he uttered what she craved to hear,

“Good girl, good pet…you did well”

As she tried to respond, he hushed her, 

“You won’t be speaking tonight my little one, just be quiet and it will be easier…now, that whipping was just an introduction, I will repeat it, whenever I please, if I need to punish you or just for fun” 

His hand gently caressed her enflamed, welt covered ass, “You do understand.”

And so it was not another word was spoken that night. His hands simply explored her, edging her to the very verge of orgasm 4 or 5 times before finally allowing her that moment, to arch her back and cry out in pleasure, his hand unmoving in her moment, allowing her the knowledge of what it finally would truly mean, to be His…

Just as she was learning now, kneeling in front of Him, in front of them her unseen audience. His voice bringing her back to the moment, putting away the memories of her induction for now, to be returned to on lonely nights to come in her cage…

His voice, laden with power, 

“Enjoying that my toy?” 


A raised eye brow and a little laugh, 

“Mmmhmm what, My whore?”

Opening her eyes, remembering where she was, 

“Mmmhmm, Sir”.

“Good girl.” 

He chuckled. “Now stop.”

Almost groaning in protest, but remembering the hand that had left her cheek still blushing and warm, she obeyed, bringing her hand back to clasp the other behind her back.

He placed his hands in his pockets, and as she watched him from the corner of her eye, she permitted herself to smile, thinking how young he looked like that. That smile soon vanished when he removed his hands, brandishing a long piece of string, it was thin but strong. His turn to grin, as he leaned over quickly tying her hands together behind her back. He stepped back she tested it a little, but there was no give, even her little attempt had burnt her wrists slightly. He winked down at her kneeling form and said knowingly he would not have to repeat this request, 

“Take my cock out, my pretty little toy.”

As he grinned at her, amused, she shifted her position on the floor, moving closer to him without ever leaving her knees. Once she was close enough she rose up, her bottom leaving her ankles, and using her teeth she carefully tugged at his pants. 

“Clever girl,” he mused as he helped undo the buttons.

Again with her teeth she pulled down the open pants, freeing his stiff cock, she lowered herself again, sitting back on her heels awaiting another command, eyeing his stiffness hungrily. In the hope he would let her suck, or maybe he had something better planned?

“New game.”

He whispered to her in the voice that made her wet and afraid all at once. 


NO, surely he couldn’t, not yet, she wasn’t ready for that…but she had thought about it…maybe…shaking her head a little she realised her thoughts were pointless, it was going to happen. Knowing what was expected, and not wanting to disappoint twice in one night she parted her lips, willingly opening her mouth for him. Holding his cock in one hand, a handful of her ebony hair in the other. He smiled down at her, she was his little slavetoy he thought, and he began to piss into her mouth. Spluttering a little she tried her hardest to swallow the warm liquid, but it didn’t take long before her mouth filled and overflowed, his piss splashing on her chin, down onto her breasts and her thighs. Choking slightly she forced as much of it down her throat as she could, unsure whether she was allowed to spill or not. Daring to look up at Him, she saw that he was, thankfully, pleased with her. Shaking the last of drops onto her tongue, he gifted her with those magic words, 

“Good girl.”

Before reaching behind him to turn off the cam. Smiling, he reached down and picked up His bound little slave, heaving her over his shoulder and carrying her off to bed…

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